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Most of us struggle in believing that we’re good enough, we’re always striving and trying harder to be a better version of ourselves, and similarly, just like we blind fold ourselves into this worldly race of who is better? we also cover our eyes to our talents. The Speech Bubble is for people all around the world, who tend to neglect themselves and their qualities or talents to fulfill the needs of the society.

This is to call out to passionate souls who want to express their thoughts, be it a minor experience, or travelling, be it a beauty blog which discusses make up tips or a foodie’s paradise. Our aim is to accumulate each person’s individuality or specialty to create something which is magical and unified irrespective of geographical or racial boundaries.



To kill a zealous bird; a glimpse into the heinous truth of child marriages

As I was having my morning coffee, my grand mother told me 16 year old Aqsa was getting married. Aqsa is my maid's daughter, the one girl who I've probably spent a very major chunk of my child hood with playing the most cliche games, but making memories which have always stayed in my heart. the first person who was living proof that social classes were a made up concept to thrive and benefit only capitalism. at a very young age, Aqsa was probably way smarter and definitely more composed as a person than I was. we'd even celebrate our joys together till we parted ways due to our mundane life schedules. 

no matter how "away" I gradually got from her, when I heard that she was being sent to a relatives house, for her entire life after all the struggle that she had gone through to study and make her life better than what it was, I was truly upset, and that's what I realized how misunderstood the concept of women empowerment was, when men object on women being too radical, now I know it's wrong, because problems and stories like Aqsa's and worse than hers still exist and probably will never be diminished. Marriage doesn't riun life, but completely over looking a girls' effort of building herself up to being a capable human being in life ahead, does. Aqsa's hardwork led her to start inter, she wanted to go into vocational training so that she could make her parents proud one day, the same parents who have now 'traded' her to a close relatives' son so that they could get their "prize" of satiating the society. 

Her future husband is working at a small shop and has studied till only 4 grades, way less educationally sound than her. I've seen Aqsa come with her mother during her vacations in the scorching heat just so she could use the black board and adequate supply of books at my home to practice her English language. what's worse is the fact that this entire country, has alot of Aqsa's, alot of stories, alot of unfair decisions which the society has begun making for young girls, and yet we sit quiet. 
Aqsa was a potential productive member of the society, who now will only be expected to sweat in front of a stove on which she cooks food for her husband, or take care of her ample children, and then we wonder why our country is way behind the world. because talented and passionate souls like Aqsa's, have been robbed by the same society we call 'liberal' of their simple right to freedom of choice. 

Know how’s to surviving a long flight

If dreadful had a synonym it would be a long haul flight, 16 hours in a single seat, with limited options of any recreation or entertainment can be horrifying. I can distinctly recall my fear for stretched flights since the first time I traveled to the United States. It was that time when I realized that airplane food made me air sick and I had to live by on snacks.

But, this time I wanted to make my experience count, and learn by myself things I can do to eliminate the painful struggle of a long flight.

1. Wear clothes you’re most comfortable in.

Surviving a long flight requires you to be most comfortable in your skin, you’re supposed to get by those hours in a single piece of clothing with only limited chances to change, hence its important that the clothes you wear are not only satisfying your body type but at the same time are good breathable material.

2. Keep an extra of everything.

You never know what you may need on an airplane, this is why it’s going to help if you have a substitute for most of the things you carry, for e.g, two cable wires for your charger, extra pair of glasses, undergarments, wipes. All of which just add to your comfort, and help you get through easily.

3. Keep snacks.

Me being a victim of air sickness due to airplane food am well aware of the importance of keeping snacks, airplane securities usually allow dry snacks in your hand carries. For e.g this year I took boxes of pringles and some chocolates, every time I felt I needed a bit of energy I had some chips. note that if you can manage on plane food, have some.

4. Keep yourself hydrated.

I didn’t realize the importance of water until a long flight, even though it may cause you to run to the loo a bit more often than you do but while you’re in the plane its best that you have a flush out of toxins and your body cells are refreshed time and again, so they aren’t sore from being at a single place constantly.

5. Sleep as much as you can.

Sleep is the one part about long flights which sounds good, alot of people I know, including myself can have a tough time getting sleep while on limited space, hence its best you try some sedatives before you board so some of your flight time can be utilized in giving your body a chance to get rid of the pre travelling stress.

6. Download a bunch of games and songs:

In most U.S flights, electronic gadgets aren’t permitted except your phone, hence be sure to have loads of free space and apps which can help you pass time, this can include fun games i.e dumb ways to die, fallout shelter, quizz up, or applications like netflix and youtube red (offline videos). At the same time, if you are having trouble sleeping, lightly tuned songs can always be of help.

7. Develop patience:

This may sound irrelevant but the more you consume your time in thinking how worse a long flight is, the more it gets worse for you, think about the positive things, think about how this in its nature is an experience scarce to many and that time no matter how long eventually does get over.

So make the most out of what is, make it count!


How to make a glitter mug


zs art 1

The things you will be needing are:
1. Any kind of mug
2. Glitter in any color of your choice (I chose golden for white mug and white glitter for black mug)
3. Glue
4. Any type of tape

Firstly, start by cleaning the mug properly, make sure the surface is clean and dry. After that take the tape and tape it around the center of the mug so that it prevents the glitter from getting all over the mug.

Now take the glue and apply it on the entire area under the tape and then sprinkle the glitter on the top of the glue, now you’ll notice that the glitter is still coming off on your hands when you touch it so for that take a hair spray and spray lightly on it so that the glitter sticks perfectly.

Remove the tape and it will reveal a perfect straight line. Let it dry overnight. And voila! Your glitter mug is ready!

zs art

Making the best out of traveling alone – By Grace Ding

Getting the best experience out of traveling alone. When I flew and traveled alone for the first time, it was after years of following my parents around for every vacation and every flight. Though it sounds silly for a 16-year-old, I was slightly terrified—but also excited—for my first solo trip. It didn’t help that my mom was constantly nagging me in the final hours before my flight of what I should do in worst-case scenarios if I missed my connection flight, couldn’t find transportation, or god-forbid, I lost my passport. However, when the time finally came, I not only found that the process was easy, but also that being alone provided a new way for me to enjoy and appreciate the journey. After my first trip to Maryland, I’ve become way more comfortable traveling alone—soon after, I felt like a true pro when I traveled to and from Indiana and navigated transportation, cities, and the like. Just from these two experiences, I’ve collected 5 tips that could help you, as they helped me, make the most out of your solo trip:

1. Bring a book: You’ll want something to occupy yourself with during travel down-time, whether that be waiting for your ride or sitting on the plane. A good read never hurts, and can only elevate your experience as you enter another world, at peace when it’s just you and your book. You’ll also get the added advantage of feeling sophisticated as you flip pages while sipping on your coffee at an airport café or up in the air. People will literally wish they were you.

2. Be open to conversations with strangers: When you’re not pre-occupied with whomever your travel companion may be, opportunities to meet new people emerge. Some of the most unexpectedly interesting conversations I’ve had were with people I met on planes. You never know what common interests or shared background you may have with your neighbor. So next time you’re traveling alone, make it a point to start a conversation with a stranger and see where it takes you.

3. Check, double-check, and triple-check: This was something I had to learn quickly. Without someone else to rely on, you must heighten your senses to make sure you’re aware of your surroundings. It never hurts to triple-check that you have everything before you leave a location, to prevent any complicated situations down the line.

4. Be spontaneous (according to your budget): One of the most important joys of traveling alone is the independence. You’re free to do whatever you want, whenever you like, without consulting or considering the wishes of another person. So treat yourself—buy that appetizing croissant, or take a closer look at that cute boutique shop. Do keep in mind, however, what your budget is. Just because someone else isn’t there to restrain you doesn’t mean you should forget to hold yourself responsible to make reasonable decisions.

5. Take it slow and appreciate every moment: At the end of the day, traveling alone can be a simultaneously exciting and relaxing experience. If you have the right mindset and make sure to stop and enjoy the small moments, you’ll have a great time. I found a lot of peace and happiness just from walking around different places myself, always feeling in control and able to cater to my own needs and desires. Traveling can be a great space for self-discovery, somewhat of an introvert’s paradise, as I’ve discovered. I hope that next time you travel alone, you make a conscious choice to make it the best experience possible and have an overall fulfilling journey.


8 Things you’ve learnt from your life long Best friend(s)

Best friends are people who embody the ability to make you feel at home, even being far from home. Friendship is one of the most strong bonds that humans make in a life time. these are people you can count on to have your back in your darkest times. although we often forget the appreciation they deserve, this blog is to all those best friends and pair of two’s, three’s or even five’s to rejoice what they’ve been through together.

  1. She taught you how to live free.
    Your best friend is your ultimate partner in crime, someone who won’t judge you no matter what you do, in fact they’ll probably add on to your stupidities with you, encourage your careless behavior, and during your lows, tell you that it’s your ‘birth right’ to live as you please, and she’ll always be there.
  2. She’s seen your weakest.
    We’re mostly embarrassed when we’re caught crying by someone, we quickly wipe our tears and try to act that we’re fine, but with best friends, you know they’ll always be ready to hold you. and even if you do try to cover it up, they’re as good as your mothers to catch you lying. They’re the most likely to cry with you!
  3. She’s seen your darkest side.
    Be it your evil plans for the girl you hate in high school, or your aim to bring someone down at your workplace, she is always the brain behind it. you’ll know you both are doing something immensely wrong, but she will embrace your darkest side happily.
  4. She’s taught you that love is a verb not a noun.
    your best friend deserves all the love you have, even in time when you both are arguing you’re secretly aware of how much you both love each other, and as soon as those little downs are over, you both will be back to showering immense love on each other. Sometime’s your love you’s to each other may even be more meaningful than your partners/boyfriends’.
  5. She’s taught you not to give up.
    Be it your bad math grade, or your failure at one of your projects. she’ll always be your motivator, and tell you that it’s not okay to give up. The ample years you’ve spent with her will alone be an example of the fact that not giving up, can save you some amazing times, because if you or her would’ve given up on each other, you wouldn’t be making so many memories right now!
  6. She taught you to be yourself.
    She’s one of those people who loves you as you are, and far as I know the list of people who take you for you is quite short. She trusts you the way you are, and has probably done her best to make you feel at home around her. she has made taking chances and risks look easy.
  7. She’s taught you how to be happy for others.
    Even when all your haters are disgracing your achievements, your best friend is one of those people who tells us that she wants to be like you, even when she doesn’t mean it, but just to make you feel good. Feelings of jealousy for you are unknown to her, and your achievements are hers, and vice versa.
  8. She’s taught you that crazy is good.
    Nothing gives you more pleasure than doing something insane with your best friends, be it dancing like crazies or having the most stupid water fights, you’ll know that that sort of happiness is only in very less things.

    Lastly, you’ve been her go-to, and she’s yours, you have eaten, dance, sung, fought, shopped, and done almost everything together. you respect your own lives too, the idea of personal space is well established, something’s are unsaid but they’re still understood by both of you, you’re unknown to her past mistakes, and she’s to yours. Be it guy gossip, or your pimple struggles, be it a bad day or your darkest secret, even if she isn’t known to all, she loves you for who you are, be it imperfect.



An open letter to God

You reside in everyone’s heart, but in different forms. You’re preached around the world, but in different ways. People respect and love you, but of different sorts. Yet the sanctity of who you are is prevalent, and despite the fact that every individual believes that it’s their God who’s true, you give peace to everyone.


Some of us don’t believe in you, some of us may be angry at you, others may be crying and yelping for your help, and some may be trying to get closer to you. But what’s common in all of these people is YOU. Even atheist who claim to have no thought of God, still wonder about you; what is it that makes you the most popular being on earth? Is it your helping hand, or is it your power? Is it your love or is it the ample times you forgive? Above all, is it your ability of empathy?


Muslims reach out to you in prayers (Salah), Hindu’s do so in temples, Christian preach Jesus and so on and so forth, you take space in 7 billion hearts, but in 4200 different forms, yet we fail to understand your effort of binding the world together. The point of this letter is to let you know of how you have helped me, and through this let everyone know that it’s human nature to cry for help in front of someone who only listens.

What’s a natural healing process? A cycle which involves us and our struggles, but what I didn’t know is that you will always be a part of it. The first time I lost someone, it was through a painful process of cancer, and I saw my family very angry at you, questioning you on why you did what you did. I was scared of doing that. I was scared of being angry at you because we’re never told of how beautiful a believer’s relationship is with their God, and by believer I mean anyone who has their faith in the existence of God. Some days after, I realized that it’s a cycle. Life eventually has to lead to death. You helped me build in myself a feeling of calmness.

When I forgot how blessed I am to have a shelter, food, education and a family you reminded me of the ample people who are scarce with all the above, what’s surprising is, that even though I’ve made prayer a channel of connection with you, you were there when I wasn’t praying also, and gradually as afraid as I was to share this around me, but you became my best friend. And the fear that was instilled in me of you, gradually faded into trust, and I felt stronger.

When I lost my best friend as I begun high school, I turned to you, each day until once again you held me like a father and I felt the support. I was dejected, I was worried and I needed a friend, and apart my own, you were there.

When I started a fresher life, with newer ambitions for myself, you know the struggles which would come my way and so even before they did, you prepared me to face them. At that time I was unknown to the way you had helped me, but I gradually realized that my capacity of strength was not similar to what I passed through and how.

Then with each fight with my oldest best friend, you built in me the courage to not give up, the courage to take up everything on myself, or maybe it was the fear of losing a best friend once again, these were the typical teenage days when the biggest worries of my life were probably having fights with my best friends, and each time you felt I had had enough you taught me one way or another to let go.

Everyone, including me, forgets and tends to blame you for each hardship, that’s human nature, one never wants to take responsibility for their actions. But what each one of us forgot is that without a struggle, we’d be unfamiliar to feeling hope, peace, happiness, and contentment, the 4 most beautiful feelings.

You reminded me that everything passes, a living person, whose arteries are gushing blood to his heart one minute, can be dead the other. Then why can’t our minute problems be overcome? You told me that a healing process does exist, that turning to you was a solution. You never made me feel like I was powerless, which given the image we’re told to believe, you could have. With each struggle, you carved a scar on my heart, and made me believe that it was me, and me alone who courageously fought.

You made me believe in the possibility of loneliness, and how beautiful it could be too. You made me realize that to fall in love with little things, is greater than falling in love with colossal things, that empathy is more powerful than indifference, that forgiveness is more important than ruthlessness. That giving is stronger than taking, and that spreading happiness is the biggest worship of all.

There’s a time in everyone’s life when all they really want to do is just lie down, and as simple as this may sound it’s not easy. You know how through nature a deep cut, is gradually covered with protective layer of white blood cells, similarly when our heart aches, it has to be covered with a feeling greater than any, love. And you taught me this.

Difference of opinion on you have grown immensely, humans fight and shed blood, but blame you for it. They create havocs on the basis of your name, and kill innocents. Let that alone, we are no more empathetic, we don’t want to understand what anyone else might be going through, we have stopped being there for people and we have stopped believing in goodness. We run away from the reality, put one another down for our own motives, and then we question why we feel lost.

We have built in ourselves feelings of jealousy, I won’t debate on the fact that it’s natural. But there are certain things which are instilled in us, but are wicked. And life is all about fighting our own selves during this time, to realize what it takes to be happy for one another, is important because only that is when you also understand the purity of life.

It’s often said that turning to mortals for help is useless, my perception to this is different, and maybe it’s different because I feel very close to you. I believe that the reason you created the earth, and gifted it with humans is to construct a chain, each one of us, despite our geographical distances, is connected. We forget that as much as we require someone to just listen, sometime we require someone to just hold us too, and when you can’t physically be there for us, you create Messiahs in the form of souls that dwell in different forms, a mother, a best friend, a partner, a sister.. And the list goes on.

The biggest evidence that mistakes are okay, is given by you. You are our creator, as we believe and you created us imperfect, so that we learn through our mistakes and so that the little scars that are carved on our mind and hearts keep reminding us of what we have been through. You told us to live free, and a lot of people mistake that. If you didn’t want us to live happily and free you would’ve never created the idea of fate, or being unknown to the future. If I knew what the future held for me, I wouldn’t live the present as I deemed fit, but as you did.


You told us the importance of giving chances, at the same time as you told us the importance of letting go. We repeatedly disappoint you, but you stay alive in our hearts. A feeling which is pure and free of filth. We complicate the essence of religion, when it is actually very simple. It’s synonym to humanity, one thing which is so lost in today’s time.

We often forget our strength, we forget what about us makes us special and different. We turn our backs and fight our own personalities to please people, when all that we should be doing, is creating around us a world in which every being has the authority on his or her life, a world in which a child is aided to go to school and not to pick up trash. A world in which, a woman has the right to voice her opinion, and not be put down, a world in which even a man needs to be heard, a world in which a raped girl is praised on her strength, instead of blamed for impurity. A world in which terror can be belittled by unity, a world in which religion is not a forceful way of control, but a spiritual way of strength. A world in which a farmer has as much right to life as does a king.

And lastly, a world in which through your help we’re able to realize that it’s okay, that things pass, and that whatever happens, happens for a reason, that every individual has their own time, and that the beauty of life lies in the ambiguity of future. That living today should not be a guilt, but a pleasure. And that together, we are greater than evil.